Bulk SMS Services for Travel & Tourism

Be the gateway to your customer and manage their travel needs by-the-minute with Cloud7 business SMS platform

Real-time alerts

Bad weather causing a delayed flight? Cancellations because of a strike? Whether you are a travel portal, airline or a tour operator, keep your customers in the loop through timely notifications using Cloud7 SMS APIs.

Make ticketing simple

Whether you run a bus service, amusement park, or family entertainment zone, Cloud7 has the perfect end-to-end ticketing solution for you. Easily create mobile tickets, send them via SMS and redeem them using our app. Go mobile-first!

Attract and retain clients

Send irresistible promotional deals, enticing holiday brochures and compelling pictures to grab new clients and keep existing ones interested. Send lean-season deals and booking URLs through SMS and track the customers who click through.

SMS feedback

Looking for more testimonials? Just send Cloud7 data collection forms via SMS to customers at the right time. Save money on telecallers and let SMS be your customer touchpoint.

Instant customer service

Provide a short code or long code for your customers to text in and get real-time updates on all your services. Say goodbye to disgruntled clients, and put an end to endless phone queries.

Be the remote tour guide

Make each holiday experience special by sending location-based updates, weather reports and travel tips using SMS attachments through Cloud7. Help the customer plan their trip.

In-sync travellers and tour guides

Give your tour guides the Cloud7 mobile app so they can always be in touch with your travellers. Put an end to endless waits and mixed-up itineraries.

Customize offers

Make each customer feel special by sending personalised webpages and offers based ontheir preferences. In just a few clicks our mobile page creator will spin magic for you and a customised surprise for your customer.

Entice customers

Remind customers of abandoned bookings, promote your mobile app, share referral links, new trips plans and more by inserting web URLs in your bulk SMS campaigns.